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Guild DP Drop Event

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The Order: Info on our Core Guild DP Drop Event

Post by Morranr on Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:06 am

We are having an alliance event starting after maintenance tonight (9/27) and will continue for 3 weeks until maintenance on 10/18. During this event we are encouraging members of each guild and the alliance to make pure "Guild" DPs (which means a full 8-person party that is made up entirely of people within the Fellowship alliance - TandaRaiders, EH, KH, Healers, U4H, and CV4H).

To give some extra incentive to have these parties happen, we will give a reward to the person that accumulates the most points. Points are obtained randomly by one person per party, determined by one guild leader (for The Order that means Knights + High Council [Lords/Ladies], and for TR that is NeonGirl1989, buzzaz, and xxGaladrielxx) dropping an item that is not usually found by mobs, which should get picked up by a loot pet and go to a random member due to random distribution. To make it clear what the item is, the guild leader should announce in party chat that they are dropping the item, and what the item is, before dropping it. Once this has been done the guild leader should post in the appropriate thread who got the point (or, if preferred, post a screenshot of the chatbox showing the announcement of what they will drop and who got it). This way everyone can see the progression of the event, and it can be easily kept track of.

If a party continues for more than an hour, one point should be awarded per round - which would typically be each SS. If no SS is used, it is up to the leader's judgement what constitutes a "round" of the party.

Depending on the success of the event, we may be able to give out prizes to the top 3 or top 5 winners. If there are any questions as to how the event works, contact any leader and we will do our best to get you an answer!

Let's all have some fun and get some levels!


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