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Each Guild Aims: Alliances

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The Order: Info on our Core Each Guild Aims: Alliances

Post by Vegliarth on Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:57 am

Roxelane wrote:TheOrder is made of 5 guilds so far, and each has it's own aims, as shown above. Many players asked me over time, why we were not in a single alliance. So I think it is time for me to explain, because yes there is a reason!

Basically, an alliance can attack a single dungeon per week.

  • Healers doesn't TA on a regular basis, but rather as players show an interest for it, and most importantly, considering the level of that guild, we only attack Relic of Arid Moonlight dungeon, the lv 30-50 dungeon, to allow as many members that wish to try it, to be able to do it even considering their relatively low level, and still enjoy it. Now, we don't have any interest in attacking a dungeon with Ursa4Healers, and so, we made HealersFamily alliance with those 2, to allow members that would have a stronger toon in U4H to use it, especially considering lots of them are many times deleveled.
  • KnightHospitaler main focus is actually to attack a dungeon for the pve aspect and the strong team work it requires. To enforce this, we chose the dungeon where most of that guild is going to dp, Shrine of Palmir Plateau. It is a very interesting dungeon to attack, since the portals make it totaly different than any other dungeon. And with the wide availability of various kind of feathers, lots of players don't orientate themselves well in it. So it is the perfect target for our TAs with that guild.
  • CV4Healers was specifically created to be able to TA Crystal Valley dungeon, as that dungeon is nearly completely abandonned with the Witch Quest, and unfortunately, it is one of the most interesting dungeon. It's very challenging, and so it was the perfect dungeon to learn your class and how to work together to form an efficient dungeon party. Most players get interested by this guild and its aims when they have already tried most aspects of the game, but any new players that would like to give a try is more than welcome, it will help them much for Sanctuary dungeon parties and higher.
  • Finaly, EpicHospitaler is design to meet the expectations of higher players in the mass pvp aspect of the game that dungeon sieges offer. The chosen dungeon may vary a lot from one week to another, according to the current strenght of both the guild and the owners of dungeons.

In conclusion, I hope this help members and friends to understand why, as a single family, we have 4 alliances. If anyone have further questions, please feel free to post about them!

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